Learn Electric Guitar

1. An electric guitar!

OK, a bit obvious, but yes, in order to learn how to play this instrument you will actually need an electric guitar to practice on. No, a Guitar Hero guitar does not count!

You can get a decent electric guitar for a couple hundred bucks at any music store. The brand, quality and price will all depend on how serious of a player you want to be and the style of music you want to play.

2. Amplifier

Think of a guitar and amplifier as a married couple. The right pair will be able to enhance each other’s strengths while the wrong pair will amplify (pun intended) their weakness.

For example, if you’re a metal head and want to rock some Metallica-type sounds, then a Mesa Boogie amp paired with an ESP LTD guitar is a beautiful match. Playing a single-coil Fender Stratocaster through a Mesa Boogie amp hoping for the same? Not gonna happen.

3. Metronome

A metronome is device that helps you stay in time by making a “click” sound at various speeds. It is very obvious when you hear a guitar player who never practices with a metronome and using one truly separates the wannabes and the pros.

If you really want to learn electric guitar, a metronome is a MUST. Drummers are not the only ones who need to be able to keep a steady rhythm!

4. Guitar picks

A guitar pick is a small, triangular-shaped piece of plastic (although there are metal picks as well) that is held between the fingers of your strumming hand and used to hit the strings so they can make a sound.

There are different thicknesses for different styles of playing. You can try out different widths and brands until you find the kind you like.

5. Guitar teacher

Last but not least is finding a good guitar teacher. I was “self-taught” for 2 years before I started taking lessons and I learned more in two months with my teacher than I had in the 2 years on my own. Yes, there are some amazing musicians out there who are self-taught and learn by ear. But these people are the exception.